Outdoor Lighting Controls

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Get Complete Outdoor Lighting Control for Your Home

Operating your outdoor lighting system should be smooth and worry-free. Today, several options enable you to control your outdoor lighting system how you want to. Options range from simple digital timers that activate your lighting at specific times of the day to more advanced products like Lutron Caseta® that synch with today’s smart home technology. Your outdoor lighting is no longer limited to “On” and “Off.” 

At Light Up Nashville, we offer a full range of advanced lighting control system options and will install what best suits your needs. Zone your lighting to create a variety of outdoor scenes to enhance certain activities. Or, alter the color of your lights to create more festive gatherings. During our design process, we will identify how much flexibility you need in your lighting and ensure your system delivers operating ease and convenience for years to come.

Advanced Outdoor Lighting Control Options

These are just a few of the products we have experience in installing to give you the ultimate control over your exterior home lighting.

Lutron Caseta®

As a leader in smart home technology, Lutron Caseta® will activate lighting manually, through mobile apps, or by voice command with Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. We love using this system for the convenience of voice-control.

Color Changing Outdoor Lighting Control

Do you want your outdoor lighting system to change colors? We can do that and so much more. Find the right color for the right time of night and create a personalized environment that’s 100% you. There are several color-changing landscape lighting systems available immediately. If you’re interested in outside-the-box lighting, or if you just want options, give us a call and we’ll help you select the right set up for your home.

Brilliance Smart Socket

As a WiFi-enabled socket, Brillance LED Smart Socket can remotely control your entire lighting system from anywhere in the world. It syncs with your device, iOS or Android, and using it after the set up is as easy as can be.

Get the exterior home lighting controls you need and eliminate the hassle.

Today, there are plenty of options allowing you to control your outdoor lighting system the way you want to. Use simple timers to activate the lighting during certain times of day. Or choose more advanced technology that can be controlled from your smartphone. Some can even be linked to your existing smart home products and operated through voice command.

Advanced Outdoor Lighting

Control for Nashville

At Light Up Nashville, we offer a full range of outdoor lighting control system options and will install what best suits your needs. If safety and security are important to you, timers can be set to ensure you’re always well lit at night. Want to really wow the neighbors? Dimmers and color options make you stand out compared to other homes on the street. Regardless of why you want to control exterior lighting, we can help you install the system that’s right for you.

Advanced Outdoor Lighting Controls

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