Fully Enjoy Your Home & Property at Night!

Professional Design and Installation of Architectural and Landscape Lighting

You own a beautiful home and should be enjoying it all the time.

Unfortunately, poor outdoor lighting is keeping you from…

Improving your home's value

Proudly displaying your home at night

Feeling fully secure after dark


Safely walking your property


Extending pool hours

Entertaining guests in the evening

Dine, Entertain, and Enjoy After Dark

Improve Safety and Security at Night

Make Your Home the Envy of the Neighborhood

Seeing is believing. Drag the cursor below to see the dramatic difference good lighting makes.

At Light Up Nashville, we provide professional design and installation of outdoor lighting for a variety of applications.

Architectural Lighting

Even beautiful homes can look terrible after dark if they aren’t lit well. Highlight unique architectural details, improve security, and be the envy of your neighborhood with architectural lighting.

Landscape Lighting

The best way to light outdoor spaces after dark, landscape lighting utilizes the trees, plants, and other natural elements to accent your home and make it easier to enjoy it in the evening.

Holiday Lighting

Ring in the season with Christmas and holiday lighting from Light Up Nashville. Our services include design, installation, removal, and warehouse storage for the remainder of the year.

What if your home looked like this in the evening?

  • Lighting A Large Estate On The Lake
  • recessed in ground well up light
    Recessed In-Drive Well Lights, Up Lighting Garage Facade
  • accent lighting in backyard living space
    Courtyard Lighting on Nashville Home
  • Landscape and architectural lighting on home in Nashville, TN
    Architectural Lighting on Brentwood Home
  • landscape lighting outdoor living
    landscape lighting for outdoor living
  • safety lighting along walkway
    walkway lighting around swimming pool
  • outdoor lighting for safety and visual interest
    outdoor lighting for safety and visual interest
  • pool patio lighting franklin tn
    Backyard Pool Patio Lighting

Who you choose for your outdoor lighting project makes a huge difference.

Light Up Nashville gives you:

Award winning designs from a company focused exclusively on outdoor lighting.

Expert installation that will not disrupt your landscape.

Quality lighting products warrantied to last a lifetime.

Professional service and prompt response times when needed

Choosing anyone else could mean:


Generic lighting designs that do not address personal needs.


Questionable wiring and installation that could create safety hazards.


Cheap fixtures that require frequent maintenance or replacement.


Contractors who do not warranty their work or offer repair services.

Our simple three-step process makes it easy.


1. Schedule a home visit

Together, we walk your property and discuss your particular needs.


2. Get a quote.

We'll review and approve your lighting design together.

3. Enjoy your home day or night.

We install the lighting so you can enjoy evenings the way you've always wanted.

“I would highly recommend Light Up Nashville.”

“Thanks for customizing our plan and going above and beyond to execute it to our complete satisfaction. We had existing lights that were satisfactory and thought that it would be difficult to improve upon. However, Light Up Nashville exceeded our expectations with our new LED lighting. Not only are these lights energy efficient but the illumination of the architectural details of our home is incredible. The professionalism and the attention to detail was impressive and the kindness and efficiency of the installers exceeded any level of customer service that I have experienced in quite some time. Simply stated, they sold us a high quality product with excellent service. I would highly recommend Light Up Nashville!”

P. Boyd
Hendersonville, TN

Get this free resource to discover the many benefits lighting will provide you and your family.

Don’t let a poorly lit home keep you from enjoying time with family and friends.

At Light Up Nashville, we understand you want to enjoy your time at home to the fullest. That includes extending your outdoor activities and enjoyment into the evening hours as well. The problem is, most homes are poorly lit, making it a challenge to dine, entertain, and enjoy family activities in the dark.

As members of the Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals and homeowners ourselves, we understand how frustrating it is not being able to enjoy nighttime activity. We specialize in outdoor lighting and have installed hundreds of professionally designed lighting systems in the most beautiful neighborhoods throughout the Nashville area.

We have developed a simple three-step process that will increase the value of and transform the way you enjoy your home.

Step 1: Schedule a complimentary lighting consultation where we will walk your property and discuss your particular needs.
Step 2: Receive a custom lighting design/quote we can review and approve together.
Step 3. We’ll install the lighting so you can enjoy evenings at home the way you’ve always wanted.

Click on the link to Schedule Your Free Design Consultation.

And feel free to download our guide on How to Enhance Your Home with Outdoor Lighting. This resource will help you avoid lighting problems that result from inferior design and installation. At Light Up Nashville, we want to ensure you receive a dramatic new look to your home while providing purposeful lighting that will address your lifestyle needs.

Don’t miss out on quality time with your family or let your beautiful home look less than ideal after dark. Improve safety on your property, take advantage of your home in the evenings, and become the envy of the neighborhood by scheduling your Free Design Consultation today.