Light Up Nashville offers Gallatin outdoor lighting services to Gallatin and Sumner County residents. Our primary outdoor lighting service offerings are low voltage outdoor lighting, Christmas or holiday lighting services, and outdoor event lighting.

We specialize in outdoor lighting design and installation. Discover why we’re Nashville’s first choice when it comes to top-quality outdoor lighting solutions.

We’re a not a franchise like many other outdoor landscape lighting companies, we’re a local Nashville business. When you do business with us, you can rest assured you’ll receive the highest quality service and products the outdoor lighting industry has to offer. Our reputation is hard-earned and well deserved.

When quality outdoor lighting matters, Gallatin turns to Light Up Nashville.

At Light Up Nashville, we provide professional design and installation for a variety of applications.

Gallatin Outdoor Lighting

Gallatin Outdoor Lighting: Architecture

Transform your Gallatin home during the evening with custom designed lighting. Create a warm welcome home each evening that you will appreciate, and your neighbors will admire. Add an extra layer of safety and security for you and your family while you are home or away.

Gallatin Outdoor Lighting: Landscape

A well-designed landscape lighting system creates an enchanting environment to appreciate when spending your evenings outdoors. Illuminating gardens, patios, pathways and pools allows you and your family to take full advantage of your home’s amenities even after the sun has set.


Gallatin Outdoor Lighting: Holiday

Celebrate the holidays in style and create lasting memories with a customized lighting design. Stay focused on enjoying the season with family and friends as we design, install, remove, and store your lighting system for years to come.

Crafting Illuminated Masterpieces in Gallatin

At Light Up Nashville, we don’t just offer outdoor lighting services; we specialize in crafting illuminated masterpieces that transcend the ordinary and redefine the nighttime allure of your property. What sets us apart? We’re not just another franchise; we’re a local Nashville business with deep roots in the community. When you choose us, you’re not just getting a service; you’re investing in the highest quality products, designs, and workmanship that the outdoor lighting industry has to offer. Our reputation is a testament to our dedication, and we take pride in delivering results that exceed expectations.

Embrace the Potential of Gallatin Outdoor Lighting

An enchanting environment awaits you in your outdoor spaces after dark. Our well-designed landscape lighting systems extend the enjoyment of your gardens, patios, pathways, and pools. Whether you’re hosting an intimate gathering or simply unwinding under the stars, our lighting installations allow you to fully appreciate the splendor of your property, even in the nighttime hours.

Your Vision, Our Expertise

Ready to elevate your Gallatin property to a new level of elegance and charm? Contact us now to explore the possibilities. Our expertise lies in Low Voltage LED lighting design and installation, and we’re proud to be the trusted authority in Gallatin outdoor lighting solutions throughout TN. From Fairvue Plantation to Foxland Harbor, our expertise extends across the region.

At Light Up Nashville, we believe that every space has the potential to radiate brilliance. Let us illuminate your world with our unrivaled craftsmanship and transformative designs. Experience the magic of light with the professionals who turn dreams into reality.

Contact us now, and let us show you how we can enhance the beauty and safety of your home and outdoor spaces. We specialize in Low Voltage LED lighting design & installation, and we’re proud to be Nashville’s top source for high-end outdoor lighting solutions. We are the Outdoor Lighting experts in Nashville, TN, including Fairvue Plantation and Foxland Harbor.