LED Landscape Lighting Retrofit – Convert to LED

Light Up Nashville specializes in outdoor lighting system conversion to LED, or landscape lighting LED retrofitting. We only offer field tested, high-quality LEDs. With so many LED options out there, we know the ones to use and the ones to stay away from. We carry and install the most technically advanced LEDs in the outdoor landscape lighting industry, so when you partner with us for your outdoor lighting needs, you can rest assured knowing we have the experience and industry knowledge to make your home stand apart.
Many outdoor landscape lighting systems still use halogen bulbs. As lighting technology has improved, new and improved options are now available. LEDs offer many benefits over halogen including:

  • Eco Friendly – LEDs use 1/10th the energy of older lighting technologies
  • Longer Life – our LEDs have a 40,000+ lifespan. No more burned out bulbs!
  • Improved Aesthetics – our high quality LED’s produce a warm light (2700 Kelvin)
  • Safer – LEDs don’t produce the heat that older lighting technologies did

Your existing outdoor lighting system can be retrofit to use LED landscape lighting bulbs. This is much less expensive than installing a completely new system. Retrofitting to an LED landscape lighting system provides you with the latest in lighting technology, keeps you from constantly having burned out bulbs, and provides energy savings.

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[gdlr_divider type=”dotted” ]LED landscape lighting fixtures and bulbs are the best solution for all your outdoor lighting needs, including landscape lighting, architectural lighting, patio & deck lighting, or security lighting around your home.

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